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Holiday Villa Lefka Ori – Xirosterni – Crete - Greece


Article 1. Legal Responsibility Letter

Letter is not responsible for any disruption, change or prevention of stay of the Tenant, if this is caused by unforeseen or insurmountable circumstances, outside the will of the Letter. Letter is not responsible for inconveniences caused by work of third parties, like municipality or province, etc. Letter is not responsible for temporary unavailability of gas, water or electricity. Letter is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, loss, theft or damage of luggage, personal property or belongings, or any costs procured from not being able to make it to the villa on time. Staying at Villa Lefka Ori as at the Tenant’s own risk.


Article 2. Reservations and price

A reservation is valid from the moment the Letter has received the down payment. Payment of the down payment constitutes an acknowledgement and agreement that the Tenant has read and agrees with the terms described in this document and the description of the villa. Reservations can only be made for a minimum period of 1 week. Prices are calculated in Euros and are per house, per week, day or other period, if mentioned differently in the rental contract. Prices include Greek VAT. The amount of days rented is equal to the amount of nights agreed in the booking. Possible additional costs for stay at Villa Lefka Ori will be mentioned up front by Letter.


Article 3. Payment of rent

Every reservation has a down payment of 25% of the entire rent, to be paid within 14 days of making the reservation. The rest of the payment has to be received by the Letter at least 60 days before the beginning of stay by Tenant. If payment is not received, this will be considered cancelation by the Tenant, and conditions as mentioned in article 4 will apply. Letter reserves the right to place the villa back on the market on this point.

If reservation takes place within 60 days of the beginning of stay, payment of the entire sum (down payment and rest) is expected to take place directly when booking.


Article 4. Cancelation by Tenant

All cancelation has to be sent to Letter via email. Letter will charge the following cancelation fees, depended on the date of cancelation: cancelation more than 3 months before begin of stay: nothing. Cancelation between the 3rd and 2nd month of beginning of stay: 25% of rent. Cancelation between 2nd and 1st month of beginning of stay: 50% of rent. Cancelation within 1 month of beginning of stay: 100% of rent. If Tenant does not to stay in the villa during the reserved period, or departs early, no refund will be paid.


Article 5. Cancelation by Letter

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, Letter has to cancel the reservation, Tenant will be notified as soon as possible and a refund of payment will be made. If the cancelation is not due to circumstances beyond the control of the Letter, an additional refund of 10% of the rent will be made by Letter to Tenant, being the customary payment for inconvenience. Letter is not responsible for possible additional damage.


Article 6. Complaints and Disputes

Tenant has to notify Letter of any complaints within 48 hours of taking possession of the Villa. For any incidents during the stay this notification period is 24 hours. If Tenant is unwilling to take possession of the villa because the state of the villa is not  in accordance with what could reasonably be expected, Tenant is required to immediately contact Letter. If no agreement can be made, Tenant has to report the complaint with L. Koutsogeorgopoulou (see below for additional details).

This contract has to be interpreted through Greek law. All disputes, rising from this contract fall under exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek District Court.


Article 7. Description

All information, in paper, verbal or on the website of Letter concerning the villa, the interior, furniture or services is provided to the best of the ability of Letter, based on regular checkups made on location by Letter. If any changes are made between the booking and the period of stay, which will affect the quality of stay of Tenant, Letter will inform Tenant. Letter can not be held accountable for these changes. If, despite everything, the information regarding the villa, the interior, furniture or services turns out to be incorrect, Tenant is required to inform Letter so he can make necessary repairs. All information regarding tourism or sporting activities does not fall under the responsibility of Letter.


Article 8. Arrival and departure

The first day of booking is also the day of arrival. Time of arrival is not important.

The villa is accessible at any time via a safe, in which the keys are kept. The Tenant receives the access code for the safe before departure from home, once all payments have been received. If these procedures are not followed, Letter is not responsible for inability to enter the villa on the day of arrival. Tenant must leave the villa no later than 24.00 on the day of departure. When departing the villa, keys have to be returned to the safe from which they were taken at the beginning of the stay.


Article 9. Maximum number of occupants

It is not allowed for more occupants to stay in the villa than mentioned during booking. If this number is exceeded, the person responsible for maintenance can deny access to the villa to any exceeding number of people.  If, at later point in time, without knowledge of the person responsible for maintenance, additional occupants reside in the villa Letter will immediately charge an additional 25% of the rent per additional occupant to the Tenant. If the number of occupants exceed the maximum amount of the license of the villa, all occupants must leave the villa immediately. No refunds will be paid.


Article 10. Pets

It is not allowed to bring pets to the villa.


Article 11. Deposit

Tenant pays a security deposit of €500,-, via wire transfer to the account of Letter. This deposit will be returned within 10 days of departure of the villa. Additional costs will be deducted from the security deposit by Letter.


Article 12. Additional Costs

There will only be additional costs, like heating, if this is mentioned in the contract beforehand.


Article 13. Cleaning

The villa is to be left tidily when departing the villa. If the cleaning staff has to perform additional cleaning in order to compensate for neglect by Tenant, costs for additional cleaning will be charged to Tenant.  If Tenant would like to request additional cleaning services, this can be arranged at their own cost with the person responsible for maintenance. If something breaks during stay of Tenant, the person responsible for maintenance has to be notified as soon as possible.


Article 14. Commercial Activities

Using of the villa for commercial activities, or other uses except the use of holidaying is prohibited and can result in immediate cancelation of all booking agreements by Letter. Any damage procured by Letter from these activities will be charged to Tenant.


Article 15. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in Villa Lefka Ori. Breaking of this rule will result in additional cleaning costs (at least €500), charged to Tenant.


Article 16. Disputes

This agreement falls under jurisdiction of Greek law. All disputes, rising from this contract fall under exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek District Court.



Lola Koutsogeorgopoulou
Cedr Accredited Mediator
PMC &Toolkit Company  Accredited Mediator
Andrea Papandreou str.36, Chania
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